Our latest on stage work

The main focus is always the children on stage. They are the ones that are making these spectacular memories. They are the ones that will be spreading the stories and showing the videos of the fun and memorable things that they did while in school. These are just a few pictures of the latest show that we did. We are looking forward to making your memories just as special.

Our latest backstage work

The memories that we make are not just the ones we live out on stage. Many of the memorable moments happen backstage before and after the show. We take care to make sure that every aspect of the event is captured. This leads to all those exciting conversations and nervous jitters to be on film and making for a much more valuable service. Here are some of our backstage shots from the previous show. There are many many more and some that only the participants could understand. Thanks to the great people from Cresta Collage Centurion for making us their preferred supplier.

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